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Motorists warned as gangs steal catalytic converters

CAR dealers are warning motorists, fleet warehouses and forecourt owners to be on the lookout for organised gangs who are stealing catalytic converters for their valuable component metals. The converters are part of the vehicle's exhaust system, which converts pollutant gases into less harmful emissions.

But because they are constructed of precious metals including platinum and gold, they have become the target of criminal gangs, who are stealing them while parked overnight or in isolated locations and selling them to unscrupulous scrap metal dealers for cash.

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Crash for cash scam

Crash for Cash fraud describes the event whereby one or more parties are willingly involved in a Road Traffic Accident for financial benefit.

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Crime Gangs Target German-Made Cars

Article Posted on the Irish Independant Website Wednesday, October 10/2012


GERMAN-MADE cars are now the prime targets for auto thieves, the Irish Independent has learned.

They feature at the top of the favourites list for criminals for the same reasons that have made them so popular with motorists.

Their reliability, resale value and appeal to second-hand car buyers have guaranteed thieves that they can turn over a tidy profit if they avoid being caught by the gardai.

In pole position on the target list for relatively new cars are the Volkswagen Passat and Volkswagen Golf, followed closely by the Audi A4.

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